If you are looking for Sidnei da Silva, brazilian software programmer, you're on the right place. If you are looking for the soccer player instead, head over somewhere else

Who is Sidnei da Silva?

Sidnei da Silva is, first of all a Christian, and second, a Python hacker living in  Garibaldi, southern Brazil, nearly 100km from Porto Alegre, in a region that looks more like Europe than anything else. 

You can find his writings at his blog.


Sidnei spends the great part of his days at home, hacking the most incredible variety of different subjects, from rdflib to gnome-vfs to pywin32 and YUI widgets, from the comfort of his couch whenever possible.

Sidnei is currently working for Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu. His position is Landscape Software Engineer, on the Landscape team. You can also check his resume.

Before that, Sidnei was a Software Engineer at Enfold Systems. He is still in charge of making Enfold Server releases, and also maintains the Plone Installers for Windows.


Sidnei is married with the beautiful Daiane since March, 2004. They have a yorkshire, Bell.

Beware of the dog Daiane finished nursing technical school and loves animals. She was raised in Porto Alegre and keeps trying to convince Sidnei to move to the big town. Sidnei achieved his Bachelor in Computer Science degree in early 2008, from Universidade de Caxias do Sul. You can checkout the presentation in video at the right, or in PDF form.

For more up to date information of Sidnei's whereabouts, see Twitter

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